Week 7&8: WordPress vs Blogger

WordPress vs. Blogger

In today’s technology, many terms are used without knowing what the real meaning is and how it is being used in social media and search engine optimizations.

For most of us, we have to first understand what the advantage of a wordpress and blogger are for us to differentiate what they are used for and how we can remove the ambiguity.

WordPress main advantages are that it is highly customizable, has huge repository of free and paid themes and plugins, easy learning curve and the ability to ping third-party application integration while the blogger advantages are that they owned by google, have robust servers with unlimited bandwidth, huge repository of blogger themes, gadgets or widgets, high degree of customization, easy learning curve like WordPress and blogger has a dynamic view features.

Regardless of all the advantages and disadvantages, when one is choosing blogging tools, he also need to consider security issues as WordPress has certain security vulnerabilities, prone to spamming, and update incompatibilities while a blog has some pitfalls too like heavy flagging and moderation, SEO limitation,  and also negative reputation.

Now one may ask a question, which one then?

The only advice can be the preference with one, if you want pro blogging, SEO and social media advertising, it’s really up to you to take the platform that gives you 100% control and responsibility over it – and that would be WordPress. But remember, all platforms have risk and hence, you are not prone to any risk even if you choose WordPress over the other. Enjoy blogging.


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