Week 6: Social Media Optimization

When Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work for You

I came across this article when I was reading and it interested me a lot. The main areas that gave me interests are the issues of social media and marketing, despite of having a lot of social media, some people still don’t have much customers fort their products i.e., they advertisement on the websites is not helping them, I also quote the message “The social media thing such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and others have done nothing for me, personally, I think it is all just another money trap”. This was the message from one of the advertisers of products through social media tools. We need to understand that there are some factors that can give to this, it’s either you are not advertising properly or you haven’t optimized your website well with social media tools.
There are a lot of complains on the websites that I have come across but one thing in all, many people are forgetting the basic principles of advertising or social media optimizations. There are five steps that I think everyone should take if they are serious about using social media as a marketing strategy, but there are always a few things to consider. Social media marketing is a long tail strategy for a small business — it can take a lot longer than six months to see results.
The only advice i have, invest in a real Web site, know your keywords; Use a listening strategy, Start blogging and Share helpful content.
This information will be able to help have a best optimized and marketing tool for the successes of businesses at large.


2 thoughts on “Week 6: Social Media Optimization

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